Picture Framing

About Picture Framing 

Rabbet has been framing the artwork we sell and our customers projects for 36 years. We have a Retail Store that you can visit in-person or you can make your decisions on-line. 

Our staff can even come to your business or home if you live nearby our store in Branchburg, New Jersey.

After choosing something you would like to buy, the next step is deciding on the framing.

There are many ways to frame a picture!

Our on-line store is new, but we have a lot of experience working remotely. We will work with you to show how your picture will look framed.

If you send us a photo of the location that plan to hang the picture, we can show you how it will look on the wall.

Pricing will depend on the individual frame style and type of materials you choose.

Please contact us for a price on your framing job. 908-575-8800 or click contact.

Different ways to Frame a Reproduction Print or Poster

The difference between a poster and a reproduction print is that a Poster usually has graphic lettering with the artists name, gallery show, place, dates etc. A reproduction print may have the name printed at the bottom but it is not meant to be shown.

Example of a Poster with lettering.

Example of Reproduction Print 

When framing a poster or reproduction print, you can frame it to the edge or you can use a matting and cover the lettering.

Before framing the poster we mount the paper on a foamcore board. We use a heat process that will keep the picture from wrinkling in humid weather.

About Mat Board and Matting

You would need to decide the type of matting you will use. We typically use acid free board. There are many names for this type of board, Archival, Acid free, Museum Board or some companies call it neutral PH, Alphamat, Conservation Board, etc.

Paper mat and Acid Free/ Archival Mat

There are two basic types of mat board, paper mat and rag mat. Paper mat is made from wood pulp and Rag Mat is made from cotton.

The acid free matting is more expensive but it will not discolor in time. The bevel is the part that will become discolored, where the acid free mat will stay white.

When we take old prints apart, we can see how the mat has affected the artwork and it is not reversible. Imagine a newspaper as it ages, because it is made from wood pulp it turn brownish-yellow.

When you are matting poster, you could use a non-rag matting if you are trying to save money.  We recommend using a rag matting at all times.

Neutral Matting / Color Matting /  Double Matting 

We usually try to stay simple and use a neutral matting. You can also use color, double matting, fabric mat or special printed mats but again we lean towards simple.

Simple Neutral Matting

Double Color Matting 

Choosing Your Frame Style

Choosing your framing style is the most difficult part because there are so many options. We offer metal or wooden frames, square, rectangle, oval, fan shaped or a custom shape. For specialty shadow box items, we also have plexiglass box frames.

You can see a small assortment of frames on this site. We will be adding more as time progresses. In our store, we have many more options to choose from. 

 How to Preview Your Picture

Choose your picture, choose your frame and contact us. We can set it up so you can see how it will look. 

Dot or John at 908-575-8800 or rabbet@eclipse.net